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JSI logo_textFB2Many online resources have been featured in workshops and trainings offered by the John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition (JSI). The following links include material cited in JSI presentations, tools and materials for use in school nutrition programs, and resources for further information.

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Workshop Fruits veggieBack to Basics – Fruits and Veggies

eggs in a cartonBack to Basics – Meat Alternates

back to basics meatBack to Basics – Meat, Poultry and Fish

Workshop whole grainBack to Basics – Whole Grains

food safetyEssentials of Food Safety

fill it up the right wayFill It Up the Right Way

Finding the Fun at Work with FISH!Finding the Fun at Work with FISH!

Customer ServiceFocus on the Customer

peanutsFood Allergies

Christanne Harrison - Green-Free at SchoolGluten-Free at School

Infusing Flavor and Flair into School Meals

knife setKnife Skills

PSphotoProfessional Communication

Substitution Solutionsphoto 19

Back to Basics –  Mediterranean Flavors


Bean-a-licious Culinary Demo


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