Training Toolbox

A Professional Development Directory for School Nutrition Professionals

Massachusetts offers a wealth of professional development (PD) opportunities to support the knowledge, skills and competencies of new, returning and aspiring school nutrition professionals. This one-stop online directory organizes Massachusetts PD options according to the school nutrition position and related competencies. Simply select the desired position to view and access the on-demand and live training options. The Training Toolbox Checklist is designed for school nutrition directors to easily plan and track staff professional development across the district.

Download the Checklist using the link(s) provided and check out the video tutorial below for additional details on how to use the tool.

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*Please note, the MIC videos, referenced as on-demand training options in some of the categories listed below, are temporarily unavailable.  The issue is being addressed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

School Nutrition Manager

New Hire and Annual Live Training Option:

School Nutrition Cook/Staff

School Nutrition Cashier

Additional Information

  • New Hire Trainings: Suggested for onboarding new staff at the start of employment.
  • Annual Trainings: Training topics suggested annually. NOTE: Civil Rights training is required annually.
  • Ongoing Trainings: Available training options to further expand knowledge, skills, and competencies.
  • Live Trainings: In-person or virtual workshops that can be scheduled with a live instructor. Typically, these are scheduled during professional development days.
  • On-Demand Trainings: Training options that are available online for staff to complete on their schedule, at their own pace. Note: Please see the JSI website for group training options for on-demand trainings.

In 2022, JSI conducted a Think Tank with our Advisory Board, which included school nutrition directors from across the state, to determine the training needs for newly hired and retraining needs for school nutrition personnel. The Think Tank results were aligned with ICN Competency, Knowledge, and Skills for Managers and Staff and matched to the USDA Professional Standards.

The Massachusetts directory of PD options for managers, cooks/staff, and cashiers is organized according to the school nutrition position and related competencies needed to support the knowledge, skills and competencies of school nutrition professionals for onboarding new staff, as well as for a yearly refresher.

The downloadable Training Toolbox Checklist serves as a companion tool for School Nutrition Directors to:

  • identify position-specific on-demand and live training options in the state,
  • develop a position-specific or individualized training plan for employees,
  • track completed training hours and ensure annual training requirements are met by each employee,
  • track suggested learning codes for the USDA Key Areas for PD

The goal is to expand this resource and continuously improve and develop new training opportunities for Massachusetts school nutrition professionals. Please share your PD suggestions via email at