Enhance Customer Service and Communication Skills with a Workshop to Go

Maintaining professional communication in all service-related eCustomer-Service-1024x1024nvironments leads to better outcomes. Customer service, one facet of professional communication, is an essential aspect of school nutrition programs that can increase participation and positive attitudes. The John C. Stalker Institute offers Workshops to Go in two key communication areas, Focus on the Customer and Professional Communication. The USDA Professional Standards include customer service in the learning objectives which states, “Employee will be able to develop plans that include involvement with school and community members, empower school nutrition leaders and address excellent customer service.” 

Focus on the Customer 

JSI’s Focus on the Customer workshop offers training to help you and your staff build customer service skills that will help encourage a positive relationship with students. This workshop teaches strategies to meet the needs and wants of customers, tips for dealing with angry customers, and tools and methods to assess the quality of customer service within your school nutrition program. Resources featured in the workshop can be found in the JSI Resource Center.

Professional Communication

Enhance communication skills, practice handling sensitive topics and discover strategies to strengthen communication within your school nutrition program with the Professional Communication Workshop to Go. This workshop teaches participants how to identify effective communication skills for adults and children, allows them to practice handling various situations around confidentiality and sensitive conversation topics, and encourages them to discuss strategies to break down communication barriers.

JSI Workshops to Go bring professional development training to your school on a day and time that is convenient for you and your staff. Workshops to Go are an excellent way to meet the new USDA Professional Standards continuing education/training requirements for staff, managers and directors. Get a jump-start on continuing education/training for your school nutrition program staff this school year, request a Workshop to Go today.

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