Norwood Gets Back to Basics with Vegetables and Fruits


Sliced peppers and red onions on a pan with oil, a dash of salt, and pepper
Sliced peppers and red onions to be roasted for the vegetable wrap

On Wednesday, October 22, Chef Tracey Burg, RD presented JSI’s Back to Basics: Fruits and Vegetables workshop to the school nutrition staff at Norwood Public Schools.  This fun-filled interactive workshop provides culinary and nutrition education focused on fruits and vegetables.

Chef Tracey prepared a fruit salad with homemade tzatziki sauce and allowed the staff to enjoy it while she explained the nutritional benefits and complementary flavors of the fruit and sauce. After a brief explanation of the objectives of the workshop, the staff got right to work. Staff honed their culinary skills using a variety of kid-friendly vegetable and fruit recipes.


School nutrition staff slicing celery.
School nutrition professional slicing fresh celery properly

The workshop also provided simple steps for the school nutrition staff to use vegetables more effectively in a way the students would accept.  Each step and ingredient in the recipe led to improved flavor and appeal. Use of spices and herbs instead of salt was emphasized to keep the vegetables colorful, flavorful, and healthy.

Each recipe was unique in the methods of cooking, spices and herbs used, and the main entree they would be a part of. The final show of the teams’ work was displayed before tasting everything.

After this workshop the staff of Norwood Public Schools can feel confident freshly preparing and serving even more healthy, fun, and delicious lunches to the students!

The array of food items made by school nutrition staff on a table.
From back left clockwise: Sweet Potato Tots, Roasted Vegetable Wraps, Mouthwatering Fruit Salad, Sweet and Sour Salad, Black Bean and Corn Fiesta Salad, Sauteed Carrots

Interested in bringing this workshop to your school? Click here for a Workshop to Go!

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