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Allergy season may be over but allergy training is always in session with JSI’s online, self-paced Food Allergies course. This online course is an alternative to the face-to-face workshop offered by JSI. Peanut butter on breadParticipants will learn the differences between food allergies and intolerances, the most common food allergies, how to read labels for food allergies, and other strategies to manage allergies in their school. Both workshops are recognized by the MDPH and ESE as acceptable training required in the Allergen Awareness Act M.G.L.c.140, § 6B.

The online workshop provides 2 hours of online training. The modules are concise and include videos of PowerPoint presentations complete with narration and some additional commentary. The videos are brief and informative. Additional PDF files with more information are easily found on the content page of several modules.  Real life scenarios are included to allow participants to readily apply what they are learning. The correct answers are explained in a separate video, giving learners the chance to review before taking a short quiz and receiving a certificate of completion.

Tabs of the module for the video, quiz, and PDF as provided on Blackboard
Screenshot of module 2 in JSI’s online Food Allergies workshop on Blackboard.

Three online food allergies sessions are currently available –  register today!

Click here for more information on food allergies including resources used in the workshop.

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