Needham Does it Faster with Tracey Burg!

On March 7th Tracey Burg, RD led the JSI Workshop to Go “Can You Do it Faster,” at Needham High School, where staff learned new ways to increase their productivity as well as how to save energy, time, and money in the workplace.

The training took place on a snowy spring morning. Tracey got the group moving and ready to learn while explaining the importance of incorporating stretching into their day, especially when working on time-consuming tasks.  She even had the group practice the stretches!

needham exercise

needham stretching


Tracey also led the group in a discussion about how the staff could cut time and energy down on their most time consuming daily task.


There was also some friendly competition going on during this JSI training! Tracey had two volunteers demonstrate the difference in efficiency of using one hand vs. two hands when preparing a salad.

needham competition

Tracey showed the importance of using the correct kitchen tools for each task at hand to cut down on energy and time.

needham 13

needham 8

needham 19

Do you want to learn how to improve productivity at your school? Bring this training to your school with a JSI Workshop to Go.  Perfect for staff development days and economically priced at only $299 (minimum of ten staff required).  For more information about JSI workshop options and to request a Workshop to Go, please visit the JSI website.

Looking for more information on improving productivity? Check out the online resources on this topic in the JSI Resource Center!


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