Sharpen the Wellness Policy in your School

Other Wellness Issues

While the major focus of the School Wellness Policy is fostering healthy eating and physical activity among youth, the policy may also choose to address other issues concerning student health and wellness. These include, but are not limited to:

Bullying Prevention Policies and Plans

Every Massachusetts school district is required to have a bullying prevention policy and to implement plans enforcing that policy. Details about policy requirements and resources for implementation can be found at

Tobacco-Free Schools

Tobacco use is prohibited in Massachusetts public schools. Resources for updating your district's tobacco prevention policy can be found at :

Indoor Air Quality

Many districts develop policies and procedures to ensure that the air quality in the school supports good health, for example by controlling mold, ensuring adequate ventilation, and care in the use and storage of pesticides and other chemicals. Resources related to school air quality can be found at

Other key school health issues such as violence and weapons in schools, sexuality education, and staff wellness may also be included as part of an overall school wellness policy or as separate policies.