The John C. Stalker Institute
of Food and Nutrition

at Framingham State University

JSI Recipe Tool

The JSI Recipe Tool is an easy-to-use tool designed by Registered Dietitians at The John C. Stalker Institute for school nutrition programs in Massachusetts to analyze, save and share school recipes for competitive food and beverages.

The JSI Recipe Tool allows you to:

  1. Analyze a recipe for compliance with both state and federal nutritional standards for competitive foods
    JSI Recipe Tool Main
  2. Identify the creditable meal components
    JSI Recipe Tool Result
  3. Share and export into a Microsoft Word file
  4. Print the recipe, nutrition facts panel, ingredient list and allergens
    JSI Recipe Tool Print

Learn more about the JSI Recipe Tool by watching these videos:

Instructions for Getting Started with the JSI Recipe Tool:

  1. Log in to the JSI Recipe Tool
  2. Complete the brief Tutorial to assure proper use of the tool
  3. Start using the JSI Recipe Tool!

For more information, see the help files.