SNA Chapter Meeting Workshop to Go

SNA Chapter Meeting Workshop to Go

JSI is excited to introduce the Fall 2023 Chapter Meeting Workshop to Go!

Knife Skills: Be a Cut Above the Rest!
1 Hour Workshop

Cost: $263 will be invoiced to SNA of MA for each workshop presented.


Knife Skills: Be a Cut Above the Rest!
Enhance your knife skills as you watch this chef demonstration of proper knife handling, sharpening, creating basic cuts and garnishing techniques to increase culinary confidence for preparing healthy school meals.
USDA Professional Standards Suggested Learning Code: 2130, Workshop Hours: 1

  • Maximum of 25 participants, to assure all attendees can gather close enough to view the demo
  • Required: a large, standard kitchen counter height, prep table with adequate space for attendees to gather around to view the demo
  • Please review the Tips for a Successful Chapter Meeting  Workshop to Go for additional requirements.
woman cutting tomatoes
  • A minimum of 10 confirmed attendees is required to run the workshop.
  • The maximum number of attendees is 25. 
  • The workshop portion of the meeting is 1 hour.
  • The groceries and equipment listed in the confirmation form must be provided by the host Chapter: onion (1), carrot (1), potato, russet (1), fresh parsley (¼ bunch), cantaloupe (1) and a large standard kitchen counter height prep table. 
  • The JSI chef should be scheduled before the sponsor.
  • JSI would like the opportunity to view your flyer before it is distributed to make sure we have the same information as you.  Feel free to cut and paste the Chapter Meeting Workshop to Go  description into your promotional materials.

If you have any questions, please email Sheila Pellegrini at or call 508-215-5723.