Andover High School Students Get the Scoop on Added Sugars in Beverages

Andover Public School’s Wellness Policy emphasizes the importance of student health and describes the district’s detailed efforts to focus on wellness. To further enhance health and wellness education, the high school’s school nutrition program partnered with dietetic students in Framingham State University’s Food and Nutrition Coordinated Program. The students presented multiple lessons to middle school and high school students that focused on the importance of nutrition and physical activity. This semester, Framingham State University Dietetic Undergraduate Student Victoria Hoover helped high school students visualize the amount of sugar in common beverages in the “Rethink Your Drink!” lesson.

FSU Dietetic Intern, Victoria Hoover, leading a “Rethink Your Drink” training for Andover High School students.

The Andover High School 9th grade health class used the nutrition facts label and worked in groups to calculate the amount of sugar, in teaspoons, in beverages like sports drinks, sodas, iced tea, chocolate milk and 100% fruit juice. The groups then filled the bottles with the correct amount of sugar and presented them at the front of the classroom.

When the activity was complete, students were taught about each drink, compared it to a bag containing the recommended amount of daily added sugar and determined if each beverage was a healthy choice or not. The students then learned about the health problems related to consuming an excess of added sugars and received suggestions for healthier drink choices. Students were given handouts to bring home to remind them to rethink their drink!

American Heart Association infographic, “Sip Smarter.”

For additional resources on sugar solutions for schools visit the JSI Resource Center for information and lesson plans on sugar, added sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

Submitted by: Victoria Hoover, Framingham State University Food and Nutrition Student, Coordinated Program in Dietetics