JSI Professional Development Resources

JSI logoMany online resources have been featured in workshops and trainings offered by the John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition (JSI). The following links include material cited in JSI presentations, tools and materials for use in school nutrition programs, and resources for further information.

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Back to Basics – Asian Fusion

Back to Basics – Culinary Workshop Recipes

Back to Basics: Indian Fare

Back to Basics- Latin American CuisineBack to Basics – Latin American Cuisine

Back to Basics- Mediterranean FlavorsBack to Basics – Mediterranean Flavors

Building Flavors That Excite!

Food SafetyEssentials of Food Safety

Exceptional Customer ServiceExceptional Customer Service

FISH!Finding the Fun at Work with FISH!

Food Allergies (Peanuts)Food Allergies

Get the Right ScoopGet the Right Scoop

Gluten-Free at SchoolGluten-Free at School

Knife SkillsKnife Skills

Live Culinary Training (Knife Set)Live Setting Culinary Training

Bean-a-liciousPower Up with Plant-Based Lunches 

Professional CommunicationProfessional Communication

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