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Healthy Choices, Healthy Lifestyles at Milford Public Schools

Milford Public Schools welcomed student dietitian Danielle Allen to Memorial Elementary School.  Danielle Allen worked with second graders to discuss how foods fuel your body and why physical activity is important. For students, learning about a healthy diet and the importance of physical activity is important to promote lifelong healthy lifestyles. They learned how to find a pulse on your neck and wrists. The students checked pulses while they were calm and sitting. Afterwards it was time to get moving! The students had fun imagining they were chasing a dog around the yard. When they finally caught the pretend dog, the students noticed how their heart was beating faster. They learned about how your heart has to work harder when you are active.  Children should keep their body moving for 60 minutes every day!

Danielle Allen demonstrates taking her pulse.

Students talked about how eating the right food is important in order to stay active. Students were excited to share some favorite fruits and vegetables.  By the end of the lesson, students were able to talk about why eating a healthy diet is important to keep your body moving.  Students listed fruits, vegetables, and protein as some fuel sources for your body.

Danielle has helped implement the Milford Public School’s Wellness policy by teaching age appropriate content regarding healthy choices. There are many resources for lesson plans for students available at the John Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition resource center. More information regarding nutrition for children is available at the Eatright.org’s children’s section.

Submitted by Danielle Allen, FSU Food and Nutrition Student, Coordinated Program in Dietetics