Andover High School Students Wake-Up with Breakfast

Getting high school students to eat breakfast is important but it’s not always an easy task. The Andover Public Schools’ Wellness Policy recognizes that in order for students to take full advantage of the school learning environment, they must have a healthy intake of food and nutrients.

In November, 2017, Framingham State University Coordinated Program dietetic intern Rebecca Rand taught ninth grade health students how to “Power Up With Breakfast.” Some of the reasons for skipping breakfast included not having time, not being hungry, and that putting food in their stomach was too early in the morning.  Students who did eat breakfast shared some of the foods they eat at home or during school breakfast.  The lesson covered the importance of breakfast after not eating since the prior evening, what a breakfast trio is, and taught students how to build one.  A healthy breakfast includes foods from three of the five food groups.

FSU Dietetic intern, Rebecca Rand leading “Power Up with Breakfast” for Andover High School students.

After brainstorming as a class, each student used a worksheet to build five of their own breakfast trios, one for each day of the week.  Students also came up with some grab and go options; such as a cheese stick, yogurt, a hardboiled egg, or a piece of fruit and added them to their worksheets. Each student went home with the worksheet they created to put on their refrigerator for reference when looking for breakfast ideas.

For more information and resources on School Breakfast Programs and improving nutrition and wellness in Massachusetts schools, visit the John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition at Framingham State University Resource Center.

Submitted by: Rebecca Rand, FSU graduate Food and Nutrition student, Coordinated Program in Dietetics.