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Walpole Elementary Students Learn About MyPlate

On Monday, November 27, 2017, Framingham State student dietitian Abbey Johnston taught a MyPlate lesson to 5th grade students at Walpole Public School’s Boyden Elementary. This lesson taught students about the 5 food groups and how to relate the food groups to their everyday diet, all while having fun! Students learned about the foods that make up each food group, as well as the nutrients provided by each group to help them grow healthy and strong.  This age group is at the end of the concrete operational stage of learning—ideal for nutrition education because they are able to learn detailed information, consider different points of view, and are developing problem solving skills. The students were able to learn detailed information about each food group and were excited to apply their learning to a game of Nutrition Trivia! Trivia questions like “Beans and peas are special. They belong to two food groups. What are they?” provided by USDA were posed to teams of 4 or 5 students with 30 seconds to answer. The students took the competition very seriously, but plenty of giggles were had! The lesson was a fun way to teach students about nutrition essentials and helped fulfill Walpole Public School’s Wellness Policy goal to “provide students nutrition education that teaches the skills they need to adopt and maintain healthy eating behaviors.”

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Submitted by: Abbey Johnston, FSU Food and Nutrition Student, Coordinated Program in Dietetics.

Boyden Elementary Students Use the Five Food Groups to Build a Snack of Champions

In their Wellness Policy, the Walpole Public School Committee recognizes the important relationship between well-being and student achievement. Throughout the month of November, senior dietetic students Victoria Carlos and Abbey Johnston from Framingham State University taught lessons about nutrition to Health and PE classes throughout the district in order to promote student well-being and achievement. Fourth grade students at Boyden Elementary School use the five food groups to build a balanced “Snack of Champions”.

During the lesson, students were asked about their favorite snacks. Students responded with foods like cheese puff snacks, crackers, chips, and popcorn. After learning that the best snacks are balanced with three food groups, including one whole grain, students broke into groups and used teamwork to generate a recipe for a “Snack of Champions.” First, they came up with the ingredients and instructions for their recipe. Then, they were encouraged to come up with creative names for their recipes, like  “The Six-pack Snack!” Students were excited to think outside of their normal snack routine to create snacks that included at least three food groups. Students will use this knowledge to make better snack decisions in the future.

If you are looking for more ways to incorporate nutrition into classroom lessons to help students make decisions to benefit their well-being, visit the lessons category in the JSI Resource Center hosted by The John C. Stalker Institute for Food and Nutrition.

Submitted by: Victoria Carlos, student dietitian in the FSU Coordinated Program in Dietetics