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Natick Public Schools Learn the Ins and Outs of Food Nutrition Labels

Natick Public School’s Wellness Policy acknowledges the district’s responsibility to help students learn, establish and maintain life-long healthy eating and activity patterns and this is why the school’s  Food Service department has partnered with the Framingham State University Food and Nutrition Coordinated Program to provide nutrition education lessons to Natick students. This spring, Framingham State University Dietetic Graduate Student Annette Quatrano put the Wilson Middle School students’ mathematical skills to the test by challenging them to analyze the nutrition facts label of Spicy Cheese-Flavored Puffs while completing this ‘Learn the Label’ handout below created by the USDA.

Students also received food labels for similar snack items such as cookies and chips and worked together to determine the healthier choice.

Once that was complete, Framingham State University student Anna Casaceli made students more ‘Ad Savy’, by teaching them how food marketing in the media can influence food choices. Students received popular magazines and critiqued the messages provided in food advertisements.

Students can hopefully use this information learned from these dietetic students to avoid falling for food advertisements, but instead reading the nutrition facts label to genuinely make healthier choices!

Interested in including nutrition education lessons at your school? The John Stalker Institute provides curricula, lesson plans, and other classroom resources on nutrition on the Lessons for Grades K-12 page and is an excellent resource to help meet the initiatives of your school’s wellness policy.



Submitted by: Annette Quatrano, Graduate Student in the FSU Coordinated Program in Dietetics