Memorial Elementary Students Learn to Eat the Vegetable Rainbow

Students at Memorial Elementary School in Milford, MA have been busy learning about and tasting vegetables at school this spring. As part of the district’s wellness policy, Carla Tuttle, Food Service Director, has welcomed Framingham State University dietetic interns to share their knowledge of nutrition with Milford Public School’s students. 

During March, Framingham State University graduate student and dietetic intern Sarah Ferrara wheeled a cart loaded with fresh vegetables up and down the aisles of the cafeteria for all students to enjoy. The most popular vegetables of the event were crunchy carrots and sweet red bell pepper!

Later in April, to begin ‘Healthy Kids Week,’ Sarah returned to Memorial Elementary School to teach nutrition education lessons in the classroom and to continue her efforts to encourage students to taste the vegetable rainbow! Eating vegetables of all the different colors of the rainbow provides many different nutrients to be healthy!

Students were taught about the importance of eating healthy to grow tall and strong, about MyPlate, and about different vegetables to incorporate in meals and snacks. Sarah read the students a story about different vegetables and afterward the students colored a worksheet to bring home and share with their families about which vegetables they would be excited to eat! Students were especially excited to learn about asparagus and beets, which many students reported were vegetables they had not previously known. Try adding new vegetables to family dinners at home sometime soon and taste the vegetable rainbow!

Submitted by: Sarah Ferrara, Graduate student in the FSU Coordinated Program in Dietetics