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Students in Dedham Learn to Eat the Rainbow

Dedham Public Schools are incorporating nutrition education in their classrooms with the help of Dietetic Interns from Framingham State University (FSU). The Nutrition Education program strives to meet the wellness policy goal of providing each child with “the knowledge and skills to select a diet that supports health and reduces the risk of illness and future chronic diseases.”

The FSU interns taught a nutrition education lesson titled, “Eat the Rainbow” to 1st through 5th grade students. The lesson emphasized the importance of eating fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors due to their diverse nutritional benefits.

The students discussed ideas on how they could include more fruits and vegetables in their diet. By the end of the lesson they were able to name fruits and vegetables in each of the 5 color categories and how each color group helps keep a different part of your body healthy.

What's under the rainbow

Visit the John C. Stalker Institute’s (JSI) Resource Center Lessons for K-12 and the Wellness Solution for Massachusetts for ideas on how to incorporate nutrition education into your school. JSI offers many different professional development options for school nutrition professionals.

Submitted by: Brooke Gray, FSU Food and Nutrition Graduate Student