Hanover High School is ready for Breakfast!

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, and all ninth and tenth grade students at Hanover High School are now prepared to share the reasons why.

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A 9th grade class discusses some barriers to eating breakfast.

Hanover Public School’s wellness policy states that nutrition education is “…essential to promote student wellness and the development of good lifelong health habits.” On December 7th and 14th, 2015, every ninth and tenth grade student at Hanover High School learned how to make a healthy breakfast part of their lifelong health habits. FSU Food and Nutrition Interns, Robyn Pitera and Brittany Taylor, taught a lesson entitled Consume a Healthy Breakfast,” developed by Robyn Pitera. This lesson was taught to fourteen health classes, 390 students in total.

A 10th grade class goes over the health benefits of breakfast.

A 10th grade class goes over the health benefits of breakfast.

Each lesson started with the students brainstorming the reasons why breakfast is important, such as increased energy levels and improved school performance. After learning that a well-balanced breakfast is made up of three food groups, students were given a list of meals containing two food groups. Working in pairs, they completed the meals with a third food. The class then discussed the reasons why people skip breakfast and worked in groups to solve a breakfast barrier, such as lack of time in the morning. By the end of each lesson, many students were inspired to improve their breakfast routines.

For more information on wellness policies, healthy breakfasts, and ways to incorporate nutrition education into the classroom, visit The Wellness Solution for MA website as well as The School Breakfast Program and K-12 Lesson pages at the JSI Resource Center.

Submitted by: Brittany Taylor, FSU Coordinated Program in Dietetics Student