Got to Eat ‘Em All: The Five Food Groups

Five special education students at the Walpole School district got to participate in an interactive nutrition lesson called Got to Eat ‘Em All,” developed and taught by FSU Food and Nutrition intern, Alysha Bruso, last October 6, 2014. Everyone enjoyed learning about the food groups through MyPlate while getting to play with their food!

During this lesson, the students were introduced to MyPlate and led in a discussion about each of the five foods groups. They learned about the foods in each food group, as well as the benefits that each of these groups provides to their bodies. Each student got a chance to explore new foods and share foods they like to eat from each of the groups.

Afterwards the students got to build Real Mr. Potato Heads using real potatoes and foods from all five food groups.


The students’ Mr. Potato Head creations

Their challenge was to make a Mr. Potato Head containing at least three of the five food groups using foods such as oranges, blueberries, carrots, broccoli, cheerios, cheese sticks, and turkey jerky sticks. The students had a lot of fun getting creative with this activity, and some of them even tried new, healthy foods!

The Walpole School District Wellness Policy recognizes “the relationship between student well-being and student achievement.” Therefore, Walpole Public Schools aim to provide “developmentally appropriate and sequential nutrition education” to all of its students.

For more resources on wellness policies and ways to incorporate nutrition education at your school, visit the Wellness Solution for Massachusetts website and K-12 lessons and School Wellness and Initiatives Policies pages in the JSI Resource Center.

~ Blog provided by Alysha Bruso, FSU Food and Nutrition Student