Interested in Hosting a Healthy Cuisine for Kids Workshop?

Healthy Cuisine for Kids is a two-day interactive culinary and nutrition workshop from the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) designed to help school nutrition staff work as a team to prepare, evaluate and present healthy and student-friendly recipes.  Participants will learn new and healthy cooking methods and apply the nutrition principles of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. During the two-day program, staff will receive 16 hours of training with four hands-on culinary labs including:

  1. Culinary basics, including the essential concept of mis en place
  2. Fruits and vegetables
  3. Whole-grain rich foods
  4. Meat/meat alternatives

After the workshop, participants will be able to identify quality food standards and understand nutrition principles for the foods discussed in each lab. Ultimately, participants leave the workshop feeling empowered with the tools and techniques to create meals that excite students and provide nutritional value.


Cooking demonstration by Chef Tracey Burg at a prior Healthy Cuisine for Kids Workshop

If you have been thinking about offering professional development to your staff over a school vacation week or during summer break, you may wish to consider hosting Healthy Cuisine for Kids at your school.  This workshop requires the full use of your school kitchen during the two-day workshop as well as a prep day prior to the workshop. Healthy Cuisine for Kids requires a minimum of 20-25 participants and maximum of 30 participants, so it may be helpful to join with school staff from other districts in your area. There is no cost for the Healthy Cuisine for Kids workshop and The John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition is here to help arrange this workshop for Massachusetts schools.


Vegetable Pizza recipe demonstrated and prepared during a Healthy Cuisine for Kids workshop.

If you’re interested in learning more or want to schedule this workshop for your school, please e-mail us at Please share potential dates for the workshop and include any questions you may have about the training.


2 thoughts on “Interested in Hosting a Healthy Cuisine for Kids Workshop?

  1. Our school would love to have your program at our school in the summer. It would be in June before July 4th. Would you be able to do that? We are in Attleboro, St. John the Evangelist school. What ages would it be open to?

    • Hi Donna – Thank you so much for reaching out! Healthy Cuisine for Kids is a 2-day workshop for school nutrition staff. You had asked about age group so we wanted to clarify that this is actually for your team and not for students. Let us know if you’re still interested and we can definitely help coordinate the training. Please e-mail and we can continue the conversation. Thanks again! We look forward to connecting.

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